Monthly Archives: October 2011

Snapshots of our summer adventures


Ian in the hot seat


 Ian and Renee spent a lot of time flying and spotting wildlife.  Ian loved being around the pilots and mechanics, and wants to return to Kingdom Air Corps to “rebuild engines and fly…its the coolest thing ever!”





Joel's favorite airplane to fly this summer



 The Cessna 206 Amphib is a new addition to the Kingdom Air Corps fleet … not the airplane, but having it on floats.   She’s big, she’s fast, and she got us up to Brooks Range Bible Camp 60 miles above the Arctic Circle with minimal turbulance.  For that reason, she’s LaReina’s favorite plane too!




The story of the three little bears
This story of the three little bears doesn’t have a house, a papa bear, or Goldilocks.  But they sure did bring joy to our travels to Michigan as we stopped for a few minutes to watch as they foraged for berries before the mama scampered off to the woods with her cubs in hot pursuit.
Have you ever helped a butterfly take its maiden flight?
One of the highlights when we arrived in Michigan was to watch Monarch butterflies break free from their crystallis, dry their wings for a few hours, then release them into the great outdoors. 
 Our neighbors graciously gave us three silkworms in various stages of becoming a butterfly so we could watch nature’s beauty in action.  The first butterfly was named Bob, the second Ponyo, and Flutter was the last to leave the nest … or cannister. 
Until their wings are dry, they are unable to fly and helpless … and perfectly happy to walk on our fingers and flap their wings to dry them.