Planting seeds

A thought has been coming to me in my quiet times with the Lord … planting seeds. One thing I love about the Lord is how a simple phrase can mean so much in so many aspects of our life.

The most obvious is planting seeds in our children. The seeds of trusting our Savior for our financial, spiritual, and emotional needs daily. Modeling our total dependence on Him to the two little minds who are soaking up our every move in this time of shifting sands. And He has been so faithful!


The less obvious seed planting is outside our home.  As Joel and I are navigating this new terrain of “what it means to be a missionary” together, the seed planting analogy arose again. We have been reminded yet again that our missionary work is not beginning when we set foot on African soil. It is even beyond the churches and individuals we have been blessed to be meeting with.

Planting seeds looks like a 45 minute subway ride with a businessman who became interested in two vibrant, friendly children who talked about going to Africa; opening the door for us to share what God is doing there and how we will be helping spread the Good News of Jesus Christ through aviation. Divine appointments. He left with our prayer card, information on AIM, and a smile on his face.  As we’ve said before, its not just about our journey, but all soldiers of the faith. Planting seeds.

Or talking to a volunteer at the Hershey Chocolate plant (a guilty pleasure that was on our way and too close to pass up). A five minute conversation that started with “So where y’all from?” and ended with Africa. The look on his face said it all. A seed had been planted and He was touched.

Sometimes I get stuck thinking grandeur. God thinks in mustard seeds.

Who knew we’d love gardening this much?! Well, other than God.