Everything has a place …

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Part of moving to another continent is the necessary discernment of what goes and what doesn’t. What gets packed, what goes into storage, and what makes it’s happy home once again in your parent’s basement (so lucky for them!).

As we’ve been going through Round … ummmm … 5 of scaling down, I found a smile creeping over my face. I was reminded of something I heard from Dave Ramsey (the Christian financial guy).  He said that every dollar needs to have a destination, a mission, or it just gets lost and spent on something totally useless. I was thinking how every piece of our “stuff”, no matter how trivial, needs a destination. A mission. Either to add comfort and familiarity to our new life in Africa, be put into storage, bless someone else, or meet Mr. Garbage Can.

Then I starting thinking about how each of US needs to have a destination, a mission, or we just waste precious days in the monotony of life. I imagine God shuffling His people in their perfect destinations … their perfect fit. Kinda like trying to fit one more thing into a packing box. Some things fit perfectly. Some … not so much.  It’s all in the fit.

It’s comforting to know that as hard as transition is, this journey is more comfortable than a life that’s an uncomfortable fit. We’re right where we need to be.