Saying farewell for now!



It is so hard to believe that when we started this journey to Africa 3 years ago it would have taken this long to get to this point.  But on the other hand with all we have had to do it’s hard to believe that our departure time is finally here.

We have been in Canada this past week spending time with LaReina’s family and saying our good byes.  We leave this evening for Atlanta, GA where we will spend 3 days at the home office of AIM.  On July 11, we depart for Nairobi, Kenya with 2 other families and 2 singles also on their way to serve with AIM.  One of the families we have had the pleasure of getting to know while we were in Orientation in North Carolina.  They have 4 children of which 2 are Renee and Ian’s age.  This is a huge blessing for the kids to have friends they know to travel with.  Once we arrive in Nairobi, we have a few days at AIM’s guest house to recoup from travel and meet a few of our co-workers prior to us heading 3 hours East of Nairobi to Machakos.  AIM holds its Africa Based Orientation at Scott Christian University there in Machakos.  This will be 3 full weeks of culture, health, security, and language training for both the adults and the kids.  Please pray for this time that we are able to absorb all the information so that we can adjust well in this new environment.

Stay tuned as we get aquainted with this beautiful country and wonderful people God has called us to.