I was hungry this morning. I really wanted eggs and toast. I knew that I had used the last of our eggs yesterday, and was planning on going to the duka this morning. I used my best Swahili to politely ask for the eggs and how much they would cost. Just an average day.

Eggs was not the reason I was called out this morning. I can reason that I didn’t go last night because it got too late. The truth is the lady I encountered there needed prayer. Burdens of health, family, fear-filled nightmares … her face said it all. As we prayed, I felt the heaviness lift. Our God was faithful once again. My sister whispered, “Bless you, my Friend. I looked for you. And here you came. I walked and walked, praying and praying. You finished it.”

There’s a gentle breeze outside my door. Once again, I’m amazed at our God. How his Holy Spirit, like the gentle breeze urges us onward. Uniting, breathing life into each of us, breathing life through us.

I’m not so hungry now. I’ve just had my morning manna.