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Moving to the Country

Our time in Nairobi is drawing to a close.   Joel received his Kenyan Pilot’s license 3 weeks ago and has already accumulated close to 50 flight hours covering 1000s of miles of East Africa.  The thing about following God in His plan for us is that He never disappoints.  Being a part of moving God’s people and Word into these remote locations has been an honor and dream come true.  Our eyes have been opened to the many ways God is working, but also to the great needs of the missionaries on the ground.  Especially the areas in North Kenya and South Sudan.


Through a lot of prayer and conversation, we have accepted a request from AIM AIR to leave Nairobi and join the pilot-family currently serving in Lokichoggio.  Loki (for short) is in the northwest corner of Kenya, 30 Km from the South Sudan border.  It is a prime location for AIM AIR to serve the mission stations in this north region, including Kenya, Uganda and South Sudan.  While AIM has had a base in Loki for a while, it has struggled due to a lack of families willing to live there and support it, combined with not enough airplanes in the fleet to permanently base one there.  By finishing the Cessna 206 project when we first got out here, AIM AIR now has three 206’s in the fleet and the ability to have a permanently based airplane there.  We also have a third Cessna Caravan 208 coming at the end of this year which will also be based in Loki.  


We are excited to see God’s hand working in this.  Our first thought of Loki was “absolutely not!”  Loki is extremely hot, remote, desert terrain.  It is a 3 hour flight or a 3 day rough drive (the roads are an adventure in themselves) north of Nairobi.  All the conveniences and comforts we have become accustomed to here in Nairobi are non-existent.   Once again, God has laid an incredible peace in all our hearts (even the kids!) about His provision and protection over us.  We feel excitement and the blessing of being a part of His plan unfolding.  Through this whole journey, He has NEVER let us down.  So we go with open hearts and open minds for what will be.  Not our will, but His will be done.

Loki Downtown Lokichoggio and aerial view



We can’t do this without you.

Our first urgent need is a vehicle that can handle the road conditions (our Subaru Forester that served us well in Nairobi will be eaten by the potholes, mud holes and 12 inch ruts).  A larger, 4 wheel drive, reliable vehicle is an absolute necessity to operate safely in these areas.  We are budgeting $20,000 (in addition to the sale of the Subaru) for this vehicle.  If you would like to contribute to this project you can do so online (click here) or contact us by email.


Main road leading to the airport.
Main road leading to the airport.

Our second need is a solar system.  There is city electric that is privately owned, expensive, and operated at the whim of the owner.  Last year it was shut off for 3 months due to disagreements within the town.  The remote location also adds to the unpredictability.  With the kids being home-schooled (fans will be essential on 100+ degree days) and Joel periodically away on flights, a reliable solar system providing electricity for the house will help maintain sanity on the home-front.  We are budgeting $8,000.  If you would like to contribute to this project you can do so online (click here) or contact us by email.

Our soon to be new home.
Our soon to be new home.

Our goal is to move “to the country” as soon as possible.  Work is currently being done repairing our Loki house and preparing it for its new occupants.  The house is on a compound with the other pilot family (they have kids Renee and Ian’s age and a cute baby that Renee loves!)  We estimate July for move date. 

Thank you for your continued prayer and support.  God is on the move through these transient village and war-torn areas.  It is a great honor to join those on the front lines bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ to these areas so in need of His peace.  

We also remain in prayer for the civil war in South Sudan and the unrest here in Nairobi. The bombing and shootings have been in the Somali Muslim sector of Nairobi, well removed from where we live, work, and go to school.  All flights Joel or any AIM AIR pilot have into South Sudan are monitored closely for unstable activity on the ground. That being said, we appreciate prayer for discernment of events and continued safety for our family and fellow AIM families. Ultimately we trust our Lord and Savior and His call for us to be here.