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1 Year Anniversary!

Renee’s 1 Year Celebration Poster

We’ve hit our 1 year in Kenya point!  Thank you for your faithful financial and prayer support.  This year had its challenges, but it would have been much more difficult without a strong team standing with us.

A glimpse into the work we do…

We wanted to give you a quick update as to what is happening here in Kenya.  Joel has been flying full time for the last 5 months.  Most of his flying is in support of AIM missionaries in Kenya, Uganda and South Sudan.  We also provide a number of flights for AIC (Africa Inland Church), SIM (Serving in Missions), SIL (Wycliffe Bible translators) along with a number of other Christian organizations working throughout East Africa. 

photo 3

This last trip was probably one of the most impactful for Joel.  It was a 6 day trip taking the CEO of a mission organization along with 2 Kenyan pastors and an AIM missionary to revisit villages where last year they had distributed solar powered audio bibles in 7 different languages.  The testimonies we heard were amazing.  Almost all of the people in these small villages are illiterate, so to have the bible in audio format in their language has had an incredible impact.  Most are also nomadic and move around in search of grazing areas.  We were hearing stories how 5-8 families gather together every night to listen to the one audio bible they have for 4-6 hours until the battery dies.  They then recharge it in the sun the next day and do it again.  Every day.  We also came across literacy classes of women being held under shade trees.  They had been listening to the New Testament on the audio device and wanted more, so were learning to read.  When we stopped by, they were reading Genesis for the first time.  Such love for the Word.  Oh, the things we take for granted!

Women’s literacy class

The trip also took us close to the northeast border of Kenya where we met with over 20 pastors from that area working with people coming over the border.  The testimonies of conversions because of these devices were amazing.  The New Testament, in their own language, in audio format.

In all, we met with over 70 pastors gathering impact stories and developing strategies on how to get more devices into more hands.  We covered 1000 miles in 6 days with meetings at each stop.  Doing this in an airplane was incredibly efficient.  It was a privilege to be part of it, seeing God using multiple ministries to reach so many.

This is just one of several similar trips Joel has participated in.  God is moving in great ways.  


Moving to Lokichogio

As a family, we are in the process of transitioning to northern Kenya.  We knew we would not be in Nairobi long and feel God is leading us to Lokichogio where AIM AIR has a North Region base.  We will operate 2 airplanes with 2 families mostly in and out of South Sudan and northern Uganda.  With all the unrest in South Sudan this is a very strategic location for us to operate out of.  It is still in Kenya but close enough to South Sudan and Uganda to be a very effective support to our missionaries and others operating in those areas.  Lokichogio is a fairly small town, mostly built around the airport.  The airport is a customs clearing port for traffic in and out of South Sudan.  It is also the last stop on a dirt road into South Sudan. 

Main road leading to the airport.
Main road leading to the airport.

We will live on a compound with the other pilot family; and although there is a house there for us, it requires quite a bit of work getting it livable again.  AIM has been awesome, diligently partnering with us to get supplies and skilled workers from Nairobi to Loki.  What a challenge!  It’s a 3 day drive on some pretty rough roads.  We are confident that this is where God wants us, and in His timing we will be there.  A truck left Nairobi Wednesday of this week with a load of building supplies to repair the house.  We optimistically anticipate an early September move.

Our soon to be new home.
Our soon to be new home.

Solar-power/ Vehicle Status

Thank you for praying about this!  The solar-project has been fully funded and purchased!  THANK YOU!  

In other great news, we have sold our Subaru Forester to another missionary family and located a suitable vehicle for up north.  We require a more rugged vehicle with 4 wheel drive and more ground clearance.  The sale of our current vehicle gets us 1/3 of the way there.  This is an urgent need as we will potentially be without a vehicle in 3 weeks’ time.  One of the most frustrating things about Kenya is the cost of vehicles.  The customs and import tax to get them here makes our cost astronomical.  The price we have to pay for a 15-20 year old vehicle is obscene, but unavoidable.  For security reasons, a reliable vehicle is a must on these roads. 

How to help with the Vehicle Project

Step 1: Pray (Most important Step)
Step 2: If you feel lead to contribute financially there are several options.

Option 1: Online with a Credit Card either one-time gift or regularly.  Simply Click Here.  This is a very secure online option.

Option 2: Mail a check directly to AIM made out to Africa Inland Missionwith a separate note stating that the gift is for Joel and LaReina King Vehicle Project.

Mail to:

Africa Inland Mission
Attn: Receipting Department
P.O. Box 3611
Peachtree City, GA 30269-7611

We are trusting the Lord completely in this…

He has provided abundantly for our financial, emotional, and spiritual needs this past year.  Thank you for standing with us in this journey.  Your prayer and financial support has brought us this far, and we know He has details for this next transition covered as well.  Please pray for us, as this is a fairly urgent need to operate in this new assignment.  We are excited for the opportunity to serve in Loki and are all moving with willing hearts.  The rest we are leaving to God.

Thank you so much for all the support and prayers you have already directed our way.  It is an honor to serve here in Africa in partnership with you.  We will continue to rejoice in the victories for the Kingdom we have seen and those to come.

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Ian is learning to make bows. Might come in handy in Loki