Monthly Archives: December 2016



I’m one of “those” people.  I hate puzzles.  I don’t have the patience, and puzzle pieces that fit don’t jump out at me.

That being said, I love it when puzzle pieces come together, and it’s God who has orchestrated the design.

We went through all the emotions of being obligated to stay in the US for a few months instead of immediately returning to Kenya.  Anxiety (what do we do now?), restlessness (what about all the loose ends we left in Loki?), and annoyance (no control over the situation – need I say more?).

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 jumped out at me.

5:16 Be joyful always;

5:17 pray continually;

5:18 give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

First step was to accept God’s Word as truth when I didn’t feel like it.  Deep breath, release frustration to Jesus, and choose to trust His heart towards me/us.

                Once again, when I released trust to God, He showed up. 

The scene: a Seahawk’s game.  Friends catching up and sharing life.  Laughing, cheering (they won!), talking about the mundane things that make up life.

It turns out that my friend coaches youth basketball for a Christian private school in Duvall.  When I mentioned that Renee and Ian would love to play for the time we’re here, my friend encouraged me to check with the Director (also a friend), but was sure it would be fine.

                Puzzle pieces started fitting together.

We love our life in Loki, but to be coached by actual coaches, (not Mom) seemed impossible unless they went to boarding school.  It seems God loves to work within impossible.  Renee and Ian are playing for Hillside Wildcats for as long as we’re in Duvall.  They know their coaches (ahh, the blessings of having lived in a small community), and Ian knows most of his team-mates.   For two kids who are used to living in the remote desert of Kenya, to be surrounded by encouraging, Christian coaches and friends as they play on a competitive team for the first time is truly a blessing.

               Pieces that could only be put together by God.

It’s easy to be joyful, pray and give thanks when circumstances are going our way; but Jesus has deeper plans than what is in plain view.  His plan involves trusting Him in all circumstances.  Are we delayed so that Renee and Ian can play basketball?  Probably not.  However, God sees the deepest desires of our hearts, and His vision goes farther and deeper than mine.

            Another puzzle piece is in place in the Master Puzzle.  A beautiful one for sure.