Eyes Wide Open

I’m ashamed of how many days I go through awake, but my eyes are not open. The eyes of my spirit.

I met with a local lady the other day. She seemed distraught and apologized profusely for being late – she was looking for a new place to live.

“What?” I thought to myself, “She’s married, has children, and just the other day we were talking about preparing her hut for the rainy season. Something isn’t right.”

I could feel the eyes of my heart opening. We found a more private place to talk and I noticed that her eyes, which are normally bright and shining, were dulled with pain. She described the fight she had with her husband, and her plans to leave with the children. Her heart had enough pain, she was done. As she relayed the events leading up to the fight, I was saddened to think of how many times I’ve seen this scenario before. Different circumstances, but it’s the one thing that sets the floodgates open and we accept the lie of the enemy that insidiously whispers to our mind and heart, “You’re done. You’re out. Time to move on from this marriage.”

“Help, Lord.”

I encouraged her in the Lord, of truths that we tend to forget when we feel like our world is imploding. Her expression did not change – hardened, withdrawn. I thought of her family and the hard road in front of all of them if she left. They follow Jesus, so I asked if – before she made her final decision to leave – would it be possible to meet with their pastor…before Sunday…now. The pastor knew both (I only knew my friend) and he was from this culture.

“Please, Father. Let him be available and give him Your words.”

I saw her again. Not a word needed to be said, her face had returned to bright and shining. The pastor and elders had gathered around this couple, praying and encouraging. It was exactly what they needed.

I am not the Church, just a branch. This morning, the young man friend that I met on the road (from my last blog) showed me a book he was reading (he found our gate just fine) – God is My Victory.

Yes, God (and the Church) is our victory. It’s what keeps our head above the waves that threaten to overwhelm and overtake us. It’s keeping our eyes open to those who are sinking and throwing a life-line out to them.

Satan lost this round. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Holy Spirit for opening my eyes. The battle isn’t over, but the Church is awake.