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Many of you have asked how to become partners with our ministry.  AIM has developed very specific figures for each country and location of service.  We also periodically have ministry expenses and projects above and beyond our monthly support.  These projects help us operate more effectively in our ministry here in Africa.

Each gift you make towards our support (monthly or project) will be tax deductible, and AIM will send you a receipt.  When writing checks, please make them payable to ‘Africa Inland Mission’ and do not write our name on the check.  You can attach a note specifying that this gift is for Joel and LaReina King’s monthly support or a specific project.  See below on where to send checks.

AIM’s secure online giving (click here for USA)  for one-time or recurring online donations via credit card.

1. Type Joel and LaReina King  where it says Search For Designations

2. Scroll down and you will see several entries for King, Joel and LaReina.

3. Select “King, Joel and LaReina – Support” for our normal monthly support either as a 1 time gift or monthly, or you may be interested in helping with any of the special projects we have listed.  Here is a short description of each.

Monthly Support – This is our main monthly support that we live on.  Like all of these, it can be a 1 time gift or a monthly contribution for our living expenses.

Home Assign. – This is a fund to help up with travel and expenses when we come home for home assignment every couple years.

Solar Equipment – This project is to help maintain our solar system.  This is our primary source of power for our house.  Every 4 years or so the batteries need to be replaced which is a fairly large expense.

Travel Project – We live in a fairly remote area and travel to and from Loki and Arua can be expensive.  We are fortunate to be able sometimes catch rides on AIM AIR planes, but most often they are filled by the charter.  This project fund allows us to be able to periodically schedule breaks out of the remote village to prevent burnout and rejuvenate our mind, soul and body.

Treasure Solar Bible – The Treasure is a solar audio bible in the local language.  This is an open ended project to raise money to purchase Treasures as resources are available.  We use the Treasures regularly in discipleship and to share the gospel in our local language to those around us.

Relocation Project –  This Relocation Project has been set up to help Joel, LaReina and family relocate to their new assignment in Arua, Uganda.  The project will be used to cover moving expenses and house set up in Arua.

To have funds directly deducted from a Checking or Savings account click the link below.

Automatic contribution program (click here for USA)


For our Canadian Partners

If you would like to support us through the Canadian office, please use the link below.  Enter your name, email and amount.  Then on the right side select “Specific Missionary” and enter Joel and LaReina King.  If the donation is for a specific project, please let us know and we will apply it to the project on our end.

AIM Canada secure online giving (click here for CANADA)


You can also send gifts directly to AIM on our behalf.  Please send a check made out to “Africa Inland Mission” directly to one of the addresses below.  Include a separate note with mention of a donation for “Joel and LaReina King”.  You can also designate if the donation is for a specific project.  Current project descriptions are listed above.


Africa Inland Mission

PO Box 3611

Peachtree City, GA 30269-7611



AIM Canada

1641 Victoria Park Ave.

Scarborough, ON M1R 1P8