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Thrive, not just survive

We’re coming up on our 6th week in Loki.  Wow.  We’re pretty settled at this point, and Joel’s “To do” list is getting considerably shorter.

This was a week of sweet comforts:

1.   Our water issue was rectified – there was a nearly occlusive root in the pipe leading to our water tank which was removed and we now have consistently full tanks!  Praise God for leading the local workers to the problem!

2.  We all enjoyed HOT showers yesterday!  The solar water system that has been occupying most of Joel’s free time for the past few weeks is fully operational.  He’s my hero.  Seriously.  The tank was missing the installation mounting that the website showed as being part of the kit.  The company that we purchased the solar system from (back in Nairobi) stated they never purchase that part of the kit, they just make their own in Kenya to save cost.  Hmmmm.  Information that might have been nice to know before we left Nairobi, where a variety of hardware can be easily purchased.  Joel figured it out though, and the plumbing as well.  Out in the little town of Loki where supplies are limited and suboptimal.  Yep.  My hero.


3.  Air conditioning!  In Joel’s OTHER spare time, he had been setting up the A/C unit (drilling holes through the concrete walls and such).  There’s an A/C specialist who came into town to work on several other projects and had time to do the final install on ours.  Two days later we were sitting in a cooled living room (unfortunately NOT run by solar energy).  Ahhhhh.  Feels so good not to be sweating after 11am.  Once again, my hero.  The A/C is on city power so not always available, but nice when it is.


4.  Our own mini shamba (garden)!  Strawberry starts, and seeds of pumpkin, tomato, dill and cilantro are planted in meshed, wooden boxes in the backyard.  We’re trying to revive the 2 lemon trees that were planted by the previous family that left 2 years ago.  Basil starts will be joining this garden family soon…

007                      024

 Thrive, not just survive:

When we made the decision to move to Loki, we prayed about the main issue that has kept many families at bay:  the living conditions.  We felt called to not just do the 6 month trial period that had been recommended to us, but to jump in with both feet and make it work.  Our mindset was, “If this is where God wants us to be, there is no trial period.  Just make it work.  God knows us and He will make a way for us to thrive there.  No one in the Bible ever did trial periods!”  With trust in our hearts and steadfast minds, we entered Loki with excitement for the possibilities of what could be.   A place of restoration for Joel after a long day in the scorching heat.  An inviting place for visiting pilots to relax on their overnight stay in Loki.  A home that we can don’t have to struggle to just keep our emotional and physical tanks slightly above empty.  A launching station that we can step out fully charged to meet our community and what God has for us.

When we left Nairobi, our co-workers sent us with a sign that says “Karibu”, which means “Welcome”.  The sign is being hung today.  All are welcome in this home set aside for the work of the Lord.